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When choosing St-Laurent Construction as a key partner for your project, you also benefit from the services of highly-skilled individuals with unwavering dedication to its success:

A President who is present, accessible and sees to the respect of St-Laurent Construction core values : quality, safety, orderliness, client-oriented service, innovation and speedy project delivery
Management Team that is qualified, available and understands your needs
A Construction Manager with more than 30 years of experience, renowned for innovative solutions and aggressive schedules, entirely dedicated to your project
Professionals who listen to your needs and work seamlessly with our construction team to ensure that the concept caters to your needs while optimizing constructability, saving you time and money at both construction and maintenance levels
Microbiologists, Chemists and other scientists from the life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors, according to the needs of your project
Superintendants who are experienced, discerning, responsible and uphold our company values
Support Staff that is trained, multidisciplinary, able to adapt to your requirements and always aware of the latest project developments
Trained General and Specialized Labor, equipped with the tools required to complete your project while respecting your facilities; in general, our approach to construction and renovation work does not require any interruption of your operations
Notre équipe - St-Laurent Construction
Notre équipe - St-Laurent Construction

In short, choosing St-Laurent Construction is not hiring just any construction manager, it’s teaming up with a specialist, one who understands your industry, your needs and will exceed your expectations. The members of our team combine experience with excellence and have served 9 of the world’s 13 largest pharmaceutical corporations.

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